Collin Raye to headline at the Emery County Fair on Aug. 5

“Heroes must not be taken for granted. Those who risk their lives on a day to day basis deserve our highest respect and esteem. We can all strive to be like them. The greatest heroes are those who don’t know they are heroes, but they just do what needs to be done.” Emery County Progress.

This year, the County Fair lands on the 10 year anniversary of the Crandall Canyon Mine Disaster. In tribute to the heroes who sacrificed their lives that fateful day, we are bringing back Collin Raye to perform at the Heroes Never Forgotten Tribute Concert! Collin Raye was one of the true hit makers of the 1990s. Collin still continues to crank out soulful, heartfelt material with the honesty and richness that is signature to his vocals alone. With 24 top 10 records, 16 #1 hits, and having been a 10 time male vocalist of the year nominee (five CMA and five ACM), this truly electrifying performer of his era remains one of the great voices of our time. Collin Raye is nothing if not passionate. His soulful delivery has set country standards in such searing ballads as “Love, Me,” “In This Life,” “Not That Different” and “If I were you”. Always an energizing showman, he has also blazed through such vivid rockers as “My Kind of Girl,” “That’s My Story,” “I Can Still Feel You” and “I Want You Bad.”